Kosmos festival 2023

21.7.23 - 23.7.23

Alkaa klo: 17:00

Kosmos Festival

Raitinpurontie, 52510, Mikkeli




The Gathering Of Electronic Tribes 2023

21.-23.7.2023 Närhilä, Ristiina Finland

Welcome to the 8th edition of Kosmos Festival!

As a wise man once said: Always look on the bright side of life. Having passed the winter solstice on this peculiar year, we want to dream of the sun and dance filled summer and Kosmos Festival 2023!

The basics are definitely starting to be in place in our beloved festival area. Now it's time to raise the bar higher and look at what we can achieve together as a community. We'd like to challenge each and every one of you Kosmonauts to tune your camping gear, dancing garb and mindset as well as you possibly can for the next episode!

Let's have a festival next summer that will charge us with so much positive energy that we'll be able to radiate it everywhere as we go on to our further adventures! The world would definitely appreciate that. We have the music, the art and each other: Let's do this!

Ticket categories:

1. Category 122e - limited 250 pieces (2-per customer)

2. Category 142e - limited 1750 pieces

3. Tickets at the festival gate 150e

Bus tickets: https://biletti.fi/e/kosmos-bus-2023

Each year we offer a limited amount of cheaper tickets in different price categories, so be sure to act quick! Altogether 2000 tickets will be sold to Kosmos Festival. Welcome!

Age limit: 18+, but youngsters under 18 are welcome with their parents and kids under 15 can enjoy the festival free of charge!

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TapahtumaKosmos festival 2023
PaikkaKosmos Festival, Mikkeli
Päivämäärä21.7.2023 - 23.7.2023
AikaAlkaa klo: 14:00

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